Espai (Space) is a collection created in silver, anodized titanium and small gold wires that join both metals.


This set of pendants, earrings and ring are called Espai for two reasons: the first forms I designed (circular), emerged from the images of planets, their textures and craters. On the other hand, silver and titanium are joined with gold threads topped with small balls, and this time, the two metals are not in contact, so among them there is precisely space (Espai). 


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AN-00020 CG-00061 CG-00062 PD-00111 PD-00112 PD-00113

2 responses to “Espai”

  1. augusto says:

    me sorprendió escucharte por la radio… luego las fotografías de tus obras me resultan sugerentes al punto de transportarme a espacios inconmensurable.-

  2. Núria Deyà says:

    Muchas gracias, Augusto! Un abrazo.