Wedding bands workshop

Our Workshops “family” is growing! Now, you can also make your wedding bands.

Creating customized wedding rings has a whole process, from the choice of material in whisch they will be made (gold or silver), to decide their form, the plate thickness, the width, to the final finished … but what would you say, if you could also take part in their elaboration? It seems a real challenge, isn’t it? But … do not panic!

Obviously, we will not make things too complicated, but I encourage you to try it, even without prior experience in this area: you will learn and you will see some basic jewelry techniques and tools used in the workshop: sawing, filing, annealing the metal, shaping it, hammering, grinding, soldering and some other ones, depending on the model you chose!! Also, during the process, you will see how metals behave as we work them. We will do all this step by step, without rushing!


The workshop is organized in one or two sessions: its total length is about three or four hours, depending on the pace of each couple. Also, I would appreciate it if you had in mind that:

1. It is better to request information or reserve the workshop with a couple of weeks in advance, in order to organize everything  better.

2. There are moments of the year in which it will not be possible for me to offer the workshops, such as some weeks in August, when I attend to Trade Fairs outside Menorca or the Christmas Season.


You will leave the workshop with your unique wedding bands, created with your hands and soulful … Ups! And maybe you will feel some stiffness” in the arms, but this won’t last too long!

If you want to try… I’m sure we’ll have a good time!


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