As I told you, some new projects are taking shapes I am glad to announce that from now on, in addition to our online store , you can also find some of my jewelry on AIGUAMARINA  website.

As its creators sayAIGUAMARINA is an open door to the work of designers eager to turn around the jewellery world; it is the distribution channel of designers who experiment with new techniques, new materials and new conceptions of jewellery as an art

With this idea, the collections that are part of this virtual showroom are NAUM and BARANA where I combine pigmented sand or anodized niobium with silver. It was also a perfect excuse to take new pictures of my jewelry in the fantastic setting of the island.

On this page, you will also find the fantastic jewelry made by Victoria Punsodaher bracelets CUB3 and Petals collection, made with fish scales ! Cool!

Thanks Enric and Victoria for counting on me.


I encourage you to visit the webstite, and if you fancy, to click a like” on their Facebook wall.



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