Heads and tails of The Net

This morning, after turning on the computer, like so many other days, I peeked in social networks and … oh, surprise! Next Sunday it is Mother’s Day for us, and announcing jewelry gifts for them, somebody posted a photo of one of my jewels? but wait…. I do not know this picture (who has taken it?), and those colors? I’ve expanded it and I‘ve found that the photographed jewel looked much as my dear BARANA collection round pendant, which was calved (yes yes: imagined, researched, designed… and developed) by myself three years ago. In the picture you will see on the left, the surprise, and on the right my creation.

I would like to think that, by coincidences of life, a designer has come to the same “conclusion” that I did, and that, therefore, the pendant is so similar to mine, but… do you think ? Really? Unfortunately, this is not my feeling. Instead, I think someone wanted to ” version” it, with another finish, and making it “less fine” !!! And, as sometimes happens, I think it is not a good version. I can hardly see it another way: all my works are a part of me, they reflect yourself at the moment you create them … and yes, it is clearly a risk to publish our work in internet, to attend trade shows,… but we have to assume them  because somehow we need to show what we do, of course … But I can’t help getting upset when these things happen . Here it is, and really, I’d love to be wrong .

And now, the face of the same coin : a while ago, earrings BARANA unique piece … found new home: they are going to Japan … thanks to the internet somebody on that side discovered and loved them!

And with all this, we will continue creating, imagining and … risking every day.

Take care

3 responses to “Heads and tails of The Net”

  1. irene says:

    Tranqui, es millor la teva.

  2. Núria Deyà says:

    Gràcies, maca!

  3. Santi Capó says:

    Quin mal rollo, possa el nom del plagiador i a difondreu per les xarxes, cal fer-ho públic.