How can I clean my jewels?

Oh … It is always the same: I wanted to wear those silver earrings that I love so much … and they are blackened! What do I do ?

The natural tendency of silver is to blacken over time, with humidity, with our different and specific PHTo try to slow down this process, it is important to avoid contact with perfumes and other chemicals ( bleach, as an example!) or wet it constantly. It is also advisable to keep them in their original packaging.

There are different ways of cleaning. I recommend, if the jewel is finished in matte silver, and as is the case with many of my jewelry, combined with other metals, use an ERASER (yes , one of those children have at school or we have in the office) and remove the surface oxide. For niobium or titanium parts, the best is to pass on a soft an dry cloth to remove stains (usually fingerprints). Do not scratch the colored surface, because it would spoil them.

If the jewelry is silver or gold, you can make a paste with baking soda and water (you can also use soap) and a soft toothbrush, clean it and then dry it. Gemstones can also be cleaned with soap and water .

And don’t forget you are wearing jewelry, made out of metal, but… treat them with love! So you could enjoy them longer!

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