Pacífic Camps wall

Pacífic Camps work has always captivated me. A couple of summers ago, I went to see the exhibition “El País d’or  i d’argent” on Vidrart gallery in Ciutadella. In his paintings, he worked using gold leaf and silver leaf. I simply loved it.

I thought to offer him a wall in my studio, to make a small exhibition of his work, because it seem to me very appropiate to join my jewels with the sort of materials he had used,  so over Christmas 2011, he exhibited his Joies petites“, his “Small jewels”. Some of these pictures were created specifically for the occasion.

Since then, the wall has been filled with various works of Pacífic, light reflectionstechniques and materials games, trees, figures, and this Christmas I am pleased to tell you that once again, we have a display of pictorial jewels,waiting for you to come and see them!


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