Waves for Ona

These days I have finished a special commission work, one of those you really enjoy! A jewel for Ona’s ankle.


Some months ago, I took part in a Bellypainting organized by Cositas de Mamis, which is a parents community in Menorca; I painted the belly where Ona was. Ona means wave, so the inspiration was her name. It was a great experience: you don’t usually have the chance to paint on a support which is alive… and moves depending on where the brush is!


Ona was born and some months later, her parents commissioned me a jewel for her. After a few sketches, I began to work on it and by combining silver, small lapis beads and anodized titanium, a jewel full of waves was born.  They have picked it up this morning… and it looks very cute on her… don’t you think so??!!


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2 responses to “Waves for Ona”

  1. Leti says:

    Es una pasada, me encanta!!!!

  2. Núria Deyà says:

    Gracias, guapa!