Online Store

The online store is already working! From now on, I have added to my website, a new online store system. This action has been possible thanks to the support of the Consell Insular de Menorca, through the 2015 call for aid for the promotion of Menorca handicraft competitiveness.

So now, you have two options to buy my jewels:


– If you fancy a “craft” process, as the jewels which I create in my workshop, add whatever you want to the online store cart that appears on the page of each piece and via email, we shall confirm all the details.

When you pass the mouse over the jewel, its price will appear, if it is available (if you access from a mobile device, it will appear when you enter the product page). If you click on the photograph, you will see a detailed description and also find the shopping cart.

In some cases, you will see that the price does not appear when you pass over the jewel (nor in its details) and that there is no shopping cart into its page: this is because this jewel was a commissioned work or that it was a unique piece, so it is no longer available. If you are interested in something similar, I’ll be happy to define it with you.

Something similar happens with wedding bands: in the page you will neither find a cart, because I elaborate them “on demand”: this means that you and your idea have much to say. If you provide details such as the measure of your fingers, the width that you like and if you explain a bit what you want, I can make you a more accurate proposal. The photographs are examples of some of the customized rings that have made.


– And as usual, you also have lots of my creations available in websites and and workshops in


In either case, please note that each jewel is handmade and that there can be some days between your order and delivery, because most of the times, I would have to make it specially for you. I’ll keep you informed on details of your order. I appreciate your understanding!


VAT and delivery fees (registered mail) included in jewels prices.


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