Pastisset Flower Biscuit Cutter

This collection was born from the earrings I designed a few months ago based on a traditional element of Menorcan pastries. They were selected as winners, along with nine other products from Europe, in the 1st European Food Gift Challenge, a contest organized by IGCAT to reward local food-related crafts.   You can find the original earrings, and a smaller ones; different sizes pendants, that might also be used as a ring; a rigid bracelet and some others composed by a central piece and macrame.   By clicking on each photogr...

120.00 €

Pastisset FLOWER BISCUIT and CUTTER earrings 03

235.00 €

ESQUERDES bracelet 02

350.00 €

ESQUERDES bracelet 01

85.00 €

TRAUS pendant 00

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Pastisset Flower Biscuit Cutter