This is the workshop schedule

The opening hours of the workshop and showroom are usually as follows: . FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY, 10am to 1'30pm and 5pm to 8pm SATURDAY, 10am to 1'30pm . Although I try to warn whenever there is any change in these timetable, especially in summer, Christmas, Easter, or when I attend fairs outside the island ... if you approach the shop and can not find me, I apologize in advance and ... I hope that you return at another time or you get in touch with me to make an appointment. . And if your schedules are not compatible...

114.95 €

DeDalt ring 02

114.95 €

DeDalt ring 01

294.03 €

DeDalt earrings 02

89.54 €

DeDalt earrings 01

145.20 €

DeDalt pendant 02

65.34 €

DeDalt pendant 01