Today I would like to show you my ARBRE (tree) collection. I designed it some time ago, but is one of those collections that has grown over the years through the contributions and commissions of clients and friends.


This set of jewels has two versions: in the first one, I combine silver with anodized titanium, and in the second one, gold and anodized titanium. In the jewel, which has a geometric shape, I “draw” a tree: I carefully saw the leaves in  silver or gold, so through these little holes,  all titanium colours can be seen: this gives a special touch to each piece. Finally, I engrave the trunk and branches.


Another small nature portion in my workshop: you have some of these jewels available in the online store. Click on the pictures to have more details.


        pulseres arbre ipad  CG-0003w  CG-00022w  CG-00023w                                            PD-00004w  PD-00053ipad  2006_0616_154046AAw  AN-0001w  AN-00001redw  AN-00015w   


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