Jewels for Ferreries “Escola de Dansa”

In the section of unique jewelry, today I show you some of the jewels that I have prepared for the Escola de Dansa Ferreries” (Dancing School):

From earrings, pendants and bracelets that are colorful ballet slippers, up to Nutcracker  pendants , through hook and “Captain Firefly” pendants and all this, depending on the show which at that time was being carried out!

It’s always a challenge to create a jewel representing a subject, avoiding the more topical images. Thanks to Carmen Estela, director of the school, for giving me the opportunity to translate her imaginative ideas into jewelry!


garfi sabatilles trencanous

One response to “Jewels for Ferreries “Escola de Dansa””

  1. carmen estela says:

    Nunca defraudas!!!! Todos tus trabajos son realmente hermosos…por eso nunca dudo en pedirte estos encargos!!!! SEGUIREMOS INVENTADO…ve preparando uno para la Hormiguita.