This collection arises from the observation of the curved shapes of forged balconies and railings (barana in Catalan).

Developing this idea,  these jewels were born, as a game between metal plates of different colors bent and joined together, the space provided between them and in some cases, this is also combined with small hematite cubes.

This gives us original pieces that are full of volume. You can already find some of them available in the online store. If you click on top of the pictures, you willl find more details about each jewel. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions.



         pulsera redona wp pulsera punta BAN01PU BAN02CG  BAH03CGg wp BAH03CGp  

       BAag01PD BAN02PD BAag03PDh Nuria Deya 2011130711_0007 Nuria Deya 2011130711_0009 Nuria Deya 2011130711_0010BAN02AN wp



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