Chinese characters set

A few weeks ago, I received a close request: to develop a end of academic year detail for my daughter’s teacher who has accompanied these children for two years of their apprenticeship. How exciting!

Talking to some moms, we thought that, since one of the issues they had worked this year was China, it would be very nice to have something to do with it. So my head already started and the idea that the jewel/jewels, would contain her name in Chinese emerged. We asked the mother of a child in the class, which is Chinese, to translate it in their caracters. With these pictures and thinking of Chinese paper lanterns and fans, I began to design the set. As each of these letters is itself a drawing, I put one of the symbols in each earring and another on the pendant, that are made in silver, oxidizing the letters and giving them a color detail with some small cubes of tourmaline. Everyone agreed with the proposal, so I set to work! 


The result is the set of earrings and pendant, that when placed next to each other, they show her name. I want to acknowledge the great work of this person and to thank all families who have given me the oportunity  to make these jewels! It’s been a great pleasure.


2014-06-06 13.30.16            2014-06-06 13.29.45            2014-06-06 13.31.40

“We only protect what we love, … 
we only love what we know, ….
we only know what we are taught”. ….

Babà Dioum (Senegalese poet)….

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