“Mimetitzada” brooch

In this post, I show you the brooch I submitted to the First International Competition of Jewellery  Talaiotic Menorca, that you could see on display at the entrance of the  Consell Insular de Menorca until August 4, along with all the jobs that opted to awards.


The jewel that I presented, is a brooch made ​​of silver, oxidized in parts, pigmented sand, rough diamonds of different colors obtained from old cutting tools, and steel. Its dimensions are 116mm long and 54mm wide.


For the design process,  I started to work with different “taules” and “talaiots”  images, trying to simplify lines and volumes, then I thought about the concept that these Megalithic Monuments are fully integrated  in Minorca landscape: around them you can find “ullastres”, oaks, stone walls … So my challenge was to somehow integrate this in the piece: the sky, the grass, the stones that enclose them: its name “Mimetitzada” is about this mixture. From a picture with a very interesting perspective of a taula, I developed the idea while trying to give the illusion of three dimensions with a completely flat jewel.


a.a. 5 a.a. 6 a.a. 8 representació gràfica joia 2

I would like to congratulate the contest winners and also the Consell Insular de Menorca and Menorca Art School, to make this call possible, because for the creators, it is always an incentive to have this type of challenges.

And finally, these are photos of the jewel drafting process, in the workshop, over May this year.

2014-05-27 18.29.37   2014-05-28 18.22.11   2014-05-30 19.38.45   2014-06-02 11.32.48   2014-06-02 17.49.45

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