Jewels with music

Music is a very important thing in my life and… of course, it is always in my workshop (Spotify… that great invention!) And these days, I received an order that combines two of my passions: creating jewelry and music.


The idea was to make two brooches for two music teachers that were a very important part of a young singer learning process. A recognition of their availability and dedication. They should include musical elements, something to do about Menorca, and some other clues about their tastes.


With all this information, I made some sketches: I presented them some ideas and, finally, the “winner” proposals were a brooch, where a butterfly lands on the piano keys and the other one, a pentagram on a blue blackground, in a fan shape. Both were to be made in silver and anodized titanium, that with this blue colour, I used as a symbol of Menorca.


I am very pleased that you think in my jewels for the remembrance of such beautiful things!

fotos mòbil13

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