Here you have this collection, that was born some years ago, by combining silver and titanium with mehacrylate balls. This game of transparencies gave me the idea of its name.


Over time, and as it usually happens, the collection was evolving and those transparent balls combined with silver and titanium, disappeared and gave way to combinations of freswater pearls with silver and gold. Actually, a picture of some of these earrings is the one I chose to illustrate the workshop-showroom sign.


rètol botiga-taller


And the moment to have a look at those “old” ideas with “new” views arrived: I have introduced new stones and I have developed a little bit more, something I felt I had to do: now, gold and silver, that sometimes is blackened, are combined with hematites, lapis or tourmalines,…

So, here you have some of these jewels, already available in the online store; if you want to know more, ckick on the pintures and find the details. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions.

PU-00025tur PU-00025h PU-00025au CG-00060 CG-00056 CG-00086tur anelletes transparent PD-00105pet PD-00105 PD-00101 PD-00147tur anell transparent AN-00025per AN-00038tur AN-00025h AN-00025

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