Fosquets d’Art Ferreries 2018

For two August summer evenings, art will fill the streets and houses of Ferreries. Painters, printmakers, potters, musicians, sculptors, photographers,… and of course, jewellers, will be settled in the spaces that the villagers leave us for the occasion.  We are really thankful about this gesture of generosity on their part, since a greater or lesser extent, we invade their spaces first by mounting, over the exhibition days of our works and when dismounting. Fosquets d’Art is held every two years, and it is becoming a tradition!

Personally, it’s always a very pleasant experience leaving the workshop for occasions like this. You can enjoy a few hours of relaxed, friendly atmosphere that leads to conversations, reencounters, direct contact between visitors and creators … this is always an enriching experience .

And of course, to make this a reality, there is always a group of people behind, working hard for months, coordinating it all and creating good atmosphere for this to be a success and I’m sure that it will be. Thanks to all people from Art’s that make this possible and to those collaborators who have joined them contributing with their bit to give one more push to this initiative. This year we will have some novelties and surprises.


So, I would love to see you on Friday the 3rd and/or Saturday the 4th in Ferreries from 7pm to 11pm. It will be nice!

You will find me in the Carrer de Dalt No. 6, that correspond to number 7 in the suggested itinerary. You will find more information in the image below.

Hope to see you there.


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