Gran Migjornale 2018

In Agusts the 11th and 12th, Gran Migjornale comes back: for two days, the village of es Migjorn Gran becomes a large exhibition space, a cultural event that began in 2006. The event is organized by Amics de l’Art d’Es Migjorn Gran. For two days the “migjorners” open doors and windows to fill every corner of their houses with painting, photography, sculpture and other arts by local artists, visitors and guests.


On Saturday 11th, at 7:30pm, the inaugural act of this art festival will take place at the Pla de d’Església, with a speech of Mr. José Antonio Fayas. After, exhibition spaces could be visited from 8:00pm to 12:00pm, on Saturday and on Sunday.


On this occasion, you will find me again at the Mirada del Toro Street No. 4, where I have been invited to exhibit one more time: I am very excited to be there! (The house is number 34 in the map with the suggested itinerary that you will find below). If you fancy coming around, I will show you the small collection that I designed and made in the workshop in recent weeks, specifically for this Gran Migjornale, and some of my other jewels. I will share space with pictures by Catalan painter Pilar Tell.


I can not finish without thanking all the work carried out by Amis de l’Art d’Es Migjorn Gran, the one that shows and the one that does not, to make all this happen. Also, I want to say how I appreciate how a lovely couple open their home to me and let me exhibit my work, and to all the town neighbors that let us invade their houses and streets for some hours.




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