The bench peg

The BENCH PEG is a part of the workshop where the jeweler does most of then work when developing the jewels. This is a wood piece that fits into the work bench and it is the surface where we cut, file, make holes… metals and also, the support on wich we are working, for sure!

Each jeweler goes through the peg in a different way and it is amazing to see how noone “destroys” it in the same manner. A few years aho, there was an exhibition in Barcelona, that showed diverse jewellers bench pegs. A very interesting insight!

All this is because a few days ago, I decided to retire the peg that has been with me these past five years, since I have not enough surface to work on it any more. I keep it as a souvenir and who knows, maybe some day, it will also be part of an exhibition!

I will be showing you as this brand new bench peg … changes over the months!



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